UK adults eating 100 million convenience meals a week, study finds.

Cancer Research UK warns that “grab and go” foods mean adults are eating more than they need and are putting their health at risk.61408_frozen-food-aisle

It is shocking and sad to read news like in this article recently in the news, as it is a fact that those adults will be an example for their kids and they will continue to do so until one of them breaks that chain and makes a change. We  hear it all the time that kids come home and tell their parents that they want to be vegetarians now or that they want to be healthier. It might just be a phase or something they want to try but some kids really put some thought to it and parents should listen and let them explore it. Parents should look at their kids and ask themselves if maybe there is a chance that their kids  have learned something that they have never thought about. Going to school, having the ability to read, social media and good role models help children to make up their own minds and break out of the daily routine that they are brought up in.

I truly belive that every parent has their best intention at heart, but we must understand that as a nation we cannot continue to just eat, drink and do whatever we want. Nobody has to be vegetarian or vegan, but everybody has to be health conscious and take it into their own hands to be healthier. People cannot hide behind the myth that healthy food is expensive or that they don’t have time to cook. That is an excuse and not a reason. I love shopping at Waitrose and some may say that everything is expensive there but that isn’t true. You need to learn to shop and know where to buy what. You don’t buy your electricity from just anywhere…you look for the best deal, right? I also go to Aldi and Lidl and they all have affordable food. Vegetables, Fruit and grains for example are very affordable wherever you go. You can also go to the market and snap a bargain, so there is no excuse.

Fast Food looks cheaper on the face of it but if you compare the food in weight, you’ll be surprised how much more expensive it is and the nutritional value isn’t even comparable. Buying fresh food is so satisfying and the colours you create are often stunning compared to some of the ready meals.

Nobody has to change over night completely, but maybe start with once a months or once a week…it really doesn’t matter. Often it is not so much about what you shouldn’t eat but about what you should eat. Lets say you don’t want to give up your ready meals and quick bites then at least try to introduce some new foods, fresh and nutritious food in between all your favourites. It’s still better than not having healthy food at all.

How many of you can say that they know every single day exactly what they have eaten? If you don’t prepare fresh food yourself from scratch then you won’t know what is inside. I can tell you exactly how much of what I have in my food.

People spend longer trying to work out which loo roll is the best on the market than deciding what the healthiest food choice is they can make today.

Anyway, we all have to make choices and we have the choice (we are very lucky) to do what’s best for us. It’s not that hard! Trust me!


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