Go The Extra Mile With Ginseng!

Ginseng for Endurance Athletes!

…or for anyone who needs a natural energy boost.


Ginseng has many benefits and is widely used to combat fatigue and increase performance during activity. It can also be a natural and sometimes preferred replacement for caffeine.

Ginseng is of benefit to athletes as it helps to utilise oxygen and it spares the glycogen stored in the liver and muscle cells by increasing the use of fatty acids as an energy source. Glycogen is the essential fuel for any athlete and running out of glycogen is often referred to as “hitting the wall”. The dosage of Ginseng extract can vary from 100-400mg, but I suggest 100mg of extract on a daily basis will start you off well.

If you are using Ginseng over a longer period of time you want to take a lower dose, so 100mg is just fine. It is recommended that you have rest periods if you are taking it for a longer period of time. It is suggested to take it for 15-20 days and then have a rest period of two weeks. Higher doses should only be used for short-term use. Consult a health care practitioner to avoid any contraindication if you are on medication, are pregnant, lactating or suffer from a health condition.

If you are interested in trying Ginseng, have a look on the PowerHealth Website.

PowerHealth prides itself with PREMIUM QUALITY!

The choice of Ginseng root is very important.  They only use 4 to 6-year-old Panax **C.A. Meyer Korean Ginseng Roots in the manufacture of their Super Potent *Ginsenoside Rich Capsules.

POWER GINSENG GX2500+ contains both groups of Ginsenosides, Rg1 and Rb1 which give Ginseng its adaptogenic properties.

Each capsule provides 100mg of Korean Ginseng Extract containing typically 30% Ginsenosides.

* Ginseng’s Active Principle
** Regarded as the Best Ginseng in the World.

Happy Training!

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