Tabouleh Variation

A family favourite, tabouleh variation as a quick and healthy lunch. Would like to see something like this at school salad bars!


Ingredients are simple!

Big bunch of parsley
4 tomatoes
5 radishes
Juice from one lemon
250g 5 Grains mix:
Spelt, barley, durum wheat, rice and oats (Waitrose LOVE life quick cook Italian 5 grains)


  • Cook your grains to instructions, if you can’t get the grains I used, you can always boil up some wild rice, any other grain or even couscous.

  • Set aside to cool.

  • Chop the parsley and cut the tomatoes and radishes into small chunks or slices.

  • In a medium to large size bowl mix the grains together with the parsley, tomatoes and radishes.

  • Combine well, season with salt and pepper and mix in the the lemon juice.

  • Serve on its own or use as a side dish.

Most people think that parsley is just decoration on a lovely buffet table and it comes as a surprise to many that a small amount of parsley is packed with vitamins. Just two tablespoons provides two percent of your daily calcium, iron, and folate; 12 percent of your vitamin A; over 150 percent of your vitamin K; and 16 percent of your vitamin C.

Go on and try it! x

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