Nanuk Lifestyle is all about nutrition, health and lifestyle. I am a qualified nutritionists with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Nutrition and have over 20 years of experience in working in the health and sport industry. I have worked in hospitals and as a nutritional consultant in Health Shops and Pharmacies including Harrods, Selfridges, John Bell & Croydon and been a nutritional adviser on most health shop floors in London. Companies I have worked for as an adviser include Power Health, Kinetics, and US companies Jãsön and Nature’s Answer. I worked with the Sloan Health Shop as a nutritional consultant and managed the Sloane Health Clinic before joining the parent company Kudos Vitamins as product manager and being responsible for formulating and developing new supplements. I also conducted product lectures including product training for Tesco pharmacist and have been an independent adviser within the health industry.

After having had two children my work has focused on consultations in gyms, private clinics and home visits. I have also done a lot of ghost writing for product information in health literature. I am a voluntary member of “The Healthy Schools Committee” of an Independent school, as child development and nutrition is a special interest of mine. I want to be involved in making sure that generations to come will be well-educated about nutrition and the right life style that goes with it.

I love nutrition and helping people on to the right track is a passion of mine and more than just a job.

This blog is purely for highlighting the importance of a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition. I am not intending to preach or convert anyone to what I think is best but hopefully encourage people to think about what is best for them and maybe  I can help along the way.

I love cooking and baking in our house and mostly it’s my own creations or adapted recipes. I personally suffered with a lot of food allergies when I was a child and was often very poorly. It seemed difficult to get to the bottom of it and that’s when I developed my interest in nutrition and consequently did my degree in nutrition. Changing my diet all those years ago changed everything and I know that nutrition is the key to a healthy life.

We are a vegan family and all my recipes will be vegan on here, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot be changed or adapted. A vegan diet is right for us from an ethical and health point of view but everyone is different and that’s ok. Nothing on here is about “dieting” or “you shouldn’t have this or that”, it’s about enjoying food and learning more about it. The recipes are intended to be easy and not too complicated.


My husband set up Nanuk Swimming school in London offering classes from new-born all the way to adults. We are in our 10th year of running Birthlight Infant Aquatics and ASA Learn To Swim classes in the city and enjoy educating and helping others to understand about nutrition at the same time. As we work a lot with children and parents we know the importance of teaching a holistic approach to our everyday diet, exercise and fun.

If you are looking for advice on health and nutrition or if you are a business looking for advice or want to collaborate, please get in touch. I am happy to review your products, help with product development or if I like your product I am happy to endorse it and recommend it to my clients and within our swimming network. I have recently ventured into the social media kind of side and will review products I like from time to time.


I hope you enjoy this blog!

Sylvie xx